Providing Excellent Customer Service: You never know 'their story'

I know this video has been circulated around for a few weeks and months. But I thought it gave a great visual to not only having patience--but also why we as services providers, Associations and Fundraisers do what we do.

What are Fundraisers Worst Donor Related Dilemma's?

Donor Related Dilemma's aren't just for Fundraisers. If your organization deals with the public in any way...this study is for you.

At the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Convention in Chicago, we asked participants to tell us "What was their worst Donor Related Dillemma (DRD)."

The results were overwhelming and give a great insight into what Fundraisers are struggling with in today's economy.

NOTE! These results are not just for fundraisers!  If your organization has members, subscribers or customers-- this study is valuable.

Get the results here along with:

  • Our Top 3 Tips on how to actually solve your DRD
  • Comments from other Fundraisers on what they have done to avoid these dillemmas!

Thank you to everyone that voted and gave valuable insight into what Fundraisers are struggling with today!

DirectAnswer and AFP--A Partnership that Works for Donors!

We were honored to be chosen as one of only 3 Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) members to share our "Story" for their International Convention in Chicago last month.