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Handwork and Kitting

We keep the promises you make.



Welcome to service done right.

Our motto isn't On Time. On Target. Always for nothing.  

  • Insertion of 25 different fishing flies into individual components within a fly box along with a 4 way match? No problem!
  • Need 10,000 specialty premiums sourced, created and inserted into a custom box, then mailed along with sending the recipient a customized tracking email....like yesterday? Done it!
  • Other mailshop let you down and now you need to pull your mailing and get it out within 48 hours, to include a 8 way match all to absolute perfection? You got it!

We handle some of the industry's most complex and customized kits with ease. Before your job is received, we diligently review all components, matches and targeted mail date and accurately quote on the job as well as booking the drop date within our production calendar. This ensures your job is completed exactly how you want it, when you want it and for the agreed amount. There are no surprise upcharges, late mail dates or missed components.

We not only assemble custom marketing kits for your direct mail or fulfillment project, but we can also design and produce the packaging, promotional materials, premiums and print work your products or samples fit into. We are a one-stop shop in that we can print, produce, design and fulfill.