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Subscription Management

Direct Answer knows that your most valuable asset is your subscriber database. 

We know that it’s all about ensuring the right customers are exposed to the right content with the ability to access it fast!

Whether you're a publisher or a subscription box service, our powerful subscription processing functionality and expertise provides the most comprehensive marketing and financial information available in the industry today. Anyone can manage subscriptions, but can they do it correctly?

With over 40 years of circulation management experience, your DirectAnswer circulation management team will manage your serials with ease.

Some of our services include:

  • Custom box kitting
  • Back-start processing
  • Grace issue tracking
  • Subscription suspension
  • Agency and bookstore subscription management
  • Credit card processing and decline management
  • Lapsed, free trial and soft offers
  • Renewal effectiveness measurement
  • Accounts receivable and collections
  • Complimentary subscription management (short and long term)
  • Earned and deferred income tracking and projection
  • Renewal notice mailing-hard copy, electronic and auto renews
  • Accurate integration of publication sales and circulation management
  • Renewal conversions
  • Lifetime value
  • First-issue acknowledgement packages
  • Personalized gift cards and follow-up
  • Premium “free-mium” fulfillment
  • Serial renewal tests
  • BPA audit preparation
  • Customer and file maintenance services to include claims management
  • E-commerce link to your current website allowing subscriber the ability to manage their subscription online in real time
  • Comprehensive 24-7 online reporting
  • List analysis and selection

Subscription services can be managed utilizing your in-house system or by using DirectAnswer’s revolutionary circulation management system. We customize our system to meet your unique subscription issue needs and desires, allowing for annual, semi-annual, monthly or “as published” releases.

Your growth is our growth! That is our incentive to continue to provide superior service to your organization and subscribers. With what other vendor can you only ‘pay for performance?!’