“DirectAnswer is our Industry’s Best Kept Secret. You quietly started many of the standards that our Industry now uses as SOP and others have taken credit for. Your passion for this industry is evident and you practice what you preach. And as many others stray away from their roots, you and your team have mastered the ability to continue to remain true to your beginnings while continuing to quietly take over the world."

- An International Direct Marketing Agency


"The support and assistance you and your team have provided us for the past 8 years is immeasurable. I honestly don’t know how we would’ve made it through some of those times without you."

- A Birthing Rights Agency


"I am ever impressed with your knowledge of not only the Fundraising Industry but of our organization. I am just so impressed and continually amazed."

- A National Agriculture Fundraiser


"Your team is incredible and has done a wonderful job with our organization and I would definitely tell others about DA!"

- A Stem Cell Activist Organization


"Is there anyone that compares? I told my Board, I know we have to do our due diligence, but I want DirectAnswer. End of story."

- A National Activism Fundraiser


"We appreciate your flexibility in understanding our business needs. You have been willing to take risks to accommodate some of our new initiatives and with very little notice for implementation. You have passed on cost savings to us whenever possible. And without prompting from us, you have continually made improvements to your reporting systems to accommodate our accounting needs."

- A Fishery Conservation Organization

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