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Lockbox & Data Entry

We are the björn to your baby.

It may seem silly, but that is exactly how we think of your donors', members' and customers' responses.

No amount is too small (yes, even those $0.25 donations!) and no amount too large. Each response, is handled with the care, respect and security that the donor or customer expected when sending it to you.

We leave nothing on the table. Which is our way of saying that no comment or mark is overlooked. A long note may have a wealth indicator listed, or maybe a tribute. What about a membership renewal with a request for a phone call in order to sponsor the next trade show.  In our industry, these are called "exceptions" but we call them "exceptional ways to connect" and they are never disregarded.

Here are a few things you can count on with your DirectAnswer team:

  • All responses received daily are processed, deposited and reconciled the same day as receipt.
  • Your development and financial team has real time access to view custom campaign performance and financial reporting on all responses received.
  • Your donor and membership records and orders are exact with no duplicates.
  • The donor’s preferred salutations and contact methods are noted and followed.
  • Comments, special requests and designations are read, accurately entered and complied with 100%.
  • Evidenced wealth, interested in will or bequest, the most minute demographic or special interest flag is always noticed and captured for future prospecting.
  • VIP's are expertly handled providing the development and marketing departments the ability to make immediate contact as if the response was rceived directly at your location.
  • Gifts and memberships are accurately acknowledged, to include complex variable copy, within 24-48 hours of receipt
  • Memorial and honorarium requests are handled with the sensitivity they require from entry to timely acknowledgement of next of kin.
  • Matching gifts, payroll deductions, soft credits and foundation gifts; all are expertly linked to allow for accurate acknowledgement and reporting.
  • ‘White Mail’ is a four letter word. Every donation  and membership originates from somewhere; it’s our job to find out where.
  • Sending a premium  based on donor or membership level is easy, fulfilled simultaneously and tracked if necessary.
  • Reconciliation of all revenue received against general ledger fund codes is balanced before reporting to finance.
  • And, yes, we are fully PCI and SAS70 compliant!

For over 26 years, Direct Answer serviced some of the world’s most prestigious and influential organizations; allowing them to become more donor-powered and stewardship-centric with our full-service strategic fulfillment solutions.

Whether this is your first experience outsourcing your gift and membership processing or it's time to move your processing from another vendor that isn't giving your constituents the stewardship they need.

DirectAnswer is the expert you need, with the quality you expect.