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Yeah, We Do That.

Direct Answer's Approach

You wouldn't have more than one phone for each app.

So why have more than one vendor for each function necessary for successful program management?


Having a phone for each app would  be extremely inefficient and very costly. But that is exactly what organizations do when they have a handful of vendors doing vital and integrated functions that should seamlessly work together. 

You spend more time managing, coordinating and being the middle man and you aren't the only one that is suffering; your customers and donors notice too.

Our various service offerings work together seamlessly like a freshly programmed smartphone.  You can add more as you grow or remove should you no longer need them. The flexibility is yours.  Click the offering to the left to learn more!

We don't simply take direction

Our integrated approach to Project Management sets us, and in turn, our clients apart from the competition.  With all functions under one roof and one managed team, our clients benefit from faster turnarounds, more efficient workflows and our Project Trend Management™    Project Trend Management, or PTM,  is our methodology of, over the course of a project, understanding, following and analyzing trends allowing for a more proactive approach to guiding our client’s project and needs towards their understood goal and objective vs. simply taking direction.