In May of 1991, our Founder, Karen Cuppett Piontkowski, quit her high paying, perk filled, Executive Vice President position at a large Fulfillment, Caging and Lockbox Firm to begin a new firm with the express idea to provide extraordinary support services for Associations, Fundraisers, Publishers and E-commerce Merchants (before the ‘E’—this was the 90s!)

The team, from bottom up, would be professionals in their field, enhancing and growing our client’s organizations by increasing their sales and revenues through continued consultation and by offering superior service to their customers, donors and members. She would impress upon her team how important each of them were and that they understood that with every phone call answered (this was before email!) or every piece prepared, THEY were responsible for the public’s impression of our clients. It would be nonnegotiable that we created a perfect impression and we would hire only team members that were committed to doing whatever it took to make that happen. Likewise, we would only partner with reasonable, ethical and transparent clients that expressed their confidence in our capabilities by entrusting us with their most important asset…their customer, member or donor.

So on June 12, 1991 DirectAnswer, Inc. began. Karen traded in her plush corner office, a slew of assistants and company car (complete with a car phone!) for long days fulfilling orders and stuffing premiums in her living room with just a few clients - some of whom we still have today - one phone, one computer and a stopwatch to ensure she was producing fast enough…all by herself. It was definitely a change, but one she did with a smile as she was that passionate about this work and what she and her team would offer to the industry.

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What does it mean?

Let Direct Answer SWOOP in to save the day!

Creating a logo for such a broad and diverse company was no easy task. After many iterations, we came up with our "swoop." Our "swoop" symbol is a powerful reminder of who we are and what we do! It represents:

  • Full service - the circular shape represents our ability to represent our clients start-to-finish, regardless of where they are in their business life-cycle. 
  • Speed - the dry brush-strokes in the lower left conjure an almost comic-book speed. Direct Answer always strives to support our clients at the speed of their opportunity.
  • Value - Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. Throughout every human culture, silver has been used applications of importance: in currency, jewelry, high-value tableware, and, today, as a coveted investment medium.  Stronger and harder than it's similarly valued cousin, gold, our silver swoosh represents Direct Answer's resilience, strength and value to our clients, not only monetarily but as a trusted partner. 

Let Direct Answer "swoop" in and save the day for you as we have for so many!

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Been there, done that.

You don't get to be an industry leader by just putting a sign out and getting a few clients. Our staff has well over 100 years of experience in marketing, advertising, logistics, circulation management, member and donor service, lockbox and caging, and database administration. We have the skills on staff to solve even the most complex of situations. 

Direct Answer enjoys one of the smallest employee turnover rates in the industry. The vast majority of our team has been with us for over 10 years.

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