Why you should read this blog?

Posted by Kyle Voniderstein on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 @ 12:21 PM

As a Gen-Xer, practically everyone I know, do business with and share a residence with (even my dog) has a blog. Sometimes I think why the heck should I read my Dry Cleaners Blog? Or befriend him on Facebook? What does HE have to say to me that would be worth me hearing?

And the answer is nothing. Well, at least not yet.

Since the most recent phase of the Techno-Revolution;  when any new idea, product or, at this point, inkling of a new idea- (read Google Buzz) arrives, it is jumped on like the Second Coming.

Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it.

What I have learned is to be judicious with new ideas, new trends, new promises;  that if you "jump on it you will be awakened to the streets leading to your organization paved with gold."  We have all seen this before... taking it old school with the Fax Machine..how many of you sat and waited for the money to start rolling in? Then the Website "If I put one up I will be rich!" Now? Name it:: Facebook, Twitter, Apps.  All great tools- don't get me wrong- many we employ as an organization.

But many times organizations find themselves in this position. Trying to make the 'latest and greatest'   work for them when in reality it is the proverbial square peg, round hole. Take Social MediaI continue to get the emails "if you aren't doing social media, you have your head in the sand" Really? How do you know it will work for my organization or my target group? 

If my target group is B2C and 95% of them are elderly with no access to the internet. Do you really think I should dump a ton of resources into mobile apps and social media strategies immediately?  Likely not...at least not now.

The bottom line is...be as judicious with accepting new trends as you are with any other initiative; giving it some thought at how it can truly benefit your organization and the service or advocacy you provide the public.

Don't force it. If it doesn't work for you than you will only look like you are jumping on the latest and greatest and potentiallly ruining your brand and alienating your group in the process.