Key Considerations in Selecting a Product Fulfillment Company

Posted by Kyle Voniderstein on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 @ 12:20 PM

There are many important decisions to be made in the development and expansion of your business. Choosing the right name, the right people and providing the products and services that people want are all critical decisions on the road to industry success and hopefully, leadership. But what about the activities you wont be doing? Which tasks could be better accomplished by another provider? Whether you lack the skills, the time or the people, there are probably quite a few tasks that could be outsourced.

Once your business has made the decision to begin outsourcing some type of fulfillment, then you need to find the right fulfillment services company. There are, of course, many considerations that will help you in making a successful choice. But what are they?

First, is the companies reputation and work in the industry. Are they a trusted supplier? Have they been doing this for a while? Are they passionate about getting to know your business? They should act as an extension of your company and provide you with the extra people and skills you need, just like they are working for your company, in your office. And they should be good communicators, of course.

Next would be the cost part. Are they within budget? How do they look compared to other firms? Find out if the fulfillment company stays within budget and whether they come in below budget sometimes. After all, this is the goal. Talk to their previous clients about their experience with the provider. This could be a very effective strategy.

Has the fulfillment company established a client transition process to ensure that all systems are in sync during the critical transition of product fulfillment services? An experienced team will know everything they need to know about the project, care about your company, and know how to get your project handled smoothly.

If you begin your selection process with these key questions, you may decide that Direct Answer is your best choice for product fulfillment services.

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