Top Reasons to Use Promotional Products.

Posted by Katie Rogers on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 10:00 AM


...if you aren’t working promotional products into your Marketing and Brand awareness strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity.

As I write this I am looking at a magnet on our corporate refrigerator for a muralist we used in our office…5 years ago. We haven’t used them since, not because it was a bad experience, just that we haven’t needed their services. But let me tell you, when I needed some painting done in my home remodel, the filing cabinet that is my brain, immediately pictured that magnet sitting on our fridge at work. I ran right to it. It’s a term I coined the “Magnet Effect™” and it’s the holy grail of all promotional product placements. PS: this also applies to decals. If you can get onto the fridge, you are golden. That magnet cost about $0.001, but my business? Over $3500. Quite a return.

custom tote bagsBut its not just magnets. According to a new ground breaking study of thousands of individuals, 60% of the participants did business with or donated again to the organization after receiving an ad specialty, such as a decal, magnet, t-shirt, tote bag. Of those who hadn't done business with or donated to the organization, almost 25% said they were more likely to interact with them in the future. On top of that, 41% say there were left with a ‘favorable’ impression of the organization and virtually none had negative feelings. Not many other forms of direct marketing can post those numbers.

With an average Cost Per Impression of $0.005 there’s no better cost-effective marketing strategy than through promotional products. Research shows Advertising Specialties, such as tote bags, t-shirts, custom embroidery, decals, not only increase revenue and prospects, they create goodwill, build brand awareness and loyalty, and have strong return on investment. The typical product is kept for 12 months (or in my case 5 years on the fridge!) and many are used and looked at everyday. That frequent exposure will ensure your organization is always top-of-mind.

Here is a quick test…take a quick look around your office, home, car and see how many free goodies you have. Can you think how long ago you received them? Do you remember who gave them to you? Think about how many other people have seen them as a result of you. (Here’s a hint…that tote bag you have for groceries you will keep an average of 4 years and be seen by thousands) Now, think about how much revenue you have allocated to internal marketing items that result in a 90%+ rate of being trashed, deleted or never looked at? Of course, I am not advocating getting rid of Direct Mail or Social initiatives, but what I am saying is that if you aren’t working promotional products into your Marketing and Brand awareness strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Not convinced yet? Consider this:

  • 83% of prospects and customers remember the organization who gave them an ad specialty. That kind of brand recall blows others out of the water. 

  • Images speak louder than words. A powerful visual image can convey a lot more than words can in a brief period of time. Obviously, words are a powerful tool that your business needs to incorporate into your branding and marketing efforts – but when you’re limited to a glance, or a five second window to capture someone’s attention, words aren’t going to cut it.

  • Ever seen how excited people get when the t-shirt cannon comes out at a baseball game? People want their promotional freebies. Wearables are a great investment because of the high number of advertising impressions they produce coupled with the length of time folks hang on to them.

  • Creative and thoughtful gifts make people smile ... and happy people open their wallets. Consider the unconventional and make sure a gift leaves the impression you hope for.custom notecards

  • Ever worked a little harder so you could win that flat screen TV if the monthly goal was met? They motivate the masses. Incentive gifts encourage employees to work harder and create a culture of loyalty. 

  • Trade show giveaways are proven traffic builders and great for branding. Attendees will go out of their way to engage in the ritual of adult trick or treating.

  • Check your fridge, for The Magnet Effect. Promotional Products are utilized long after delivery, which equates to long term branding impact.

  • They affect brand choices and encourage brand interaction…sometimes without us even knowing it!

  • They improve open as well as response rates. Add dimension to your mailing. Bulky is better.

Want more of an incentive to start? We here at DirectAnswer have an entire Promotional Products Division that goes beyond forcing you the customer to design, set, order and fulfill. Our support and design team is fanatical about promotional products and are proud to provide our clients with the ability to allow us to design, print, personalize and fulfill...all under one roof! Use the code DABLOG416 at checkout to receive $20 cash back on your order over $200!

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