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Contact Center

Who is answering your phones?


When your customer has a problem, a return, or a question, does your cell or office phone ring? Does it ring nonstop? Wouldn't it be nice to have a professional, trained customer service staff and a dedicated 800-number for your customers so you could concentrate on growing your business, organization or product development? 

At Direct Answer, our contact center staff is shared among dozens of clients so you only pay when your line rings or a customer contacts you. We maintain your brand at every level. Your lines are live-answered within two rings to your specific brand with no fussy menu's for your consituents to dig through. What if we need to transfer to you or another location? No problem. With our unique ability to soft transfer to any number in the world without additional integration to your phone systems, your callers will think we are all in the same location.

But we don't stop there. We also offer online chat, email and social media support! All always branded to your organization, not ours. So you can retain your branded help email address and all external communications from our center are always sent under your brand! 

Outsource your Help Desk to the pros!

We work carefully with you to ensure our staff is trained to your specifications so your customers will never know they're not contacting you directly.  Complex flow-diagrams or order procedures?  No problem.  Let our team of contact center professionals assist you with:

  • WISO's and WISA's (Where is my order? Where is my acknowledgement?)
  • UpSell and CrossSell of like items via soft asks.
  • Social Media asks and satisfaction trends across all major platforms.
  • Fully personalized and branded to your organization. To them, DirectAnswer does not exist.
  • Surge and overflow support for office closures or special campaigns.
  • Real time response recording and access so you can view, listen and measure quality and responses.