Data Entry & Lockbox Services

PCI DSS , SAS70, SOA, PA DSS—it is enough to make even the most seasoned auditor crack.

It seems like every week, there is a new regulation, system, process or certification that Data Processors need to adhere to.  And if that wasn’t enough, you need to ensure your Data is being entered accurately, timely with all requests, designations and demographic coding being precise. A database is only as good or as functional as its data.

For over 20 years, our cash control and data entry quality, are unparalleled.
No need to go to an outside banking institution for your Lockbox services. Secured and bonded lockbox solutions providing custom reports and flash counts by source and dollar amount on day of receipt. All receipts and monies are reconciled three times before leaving our Lockbox Department. Whether your bank is located down the street or in Europe, there is no problem. We deposit all checks via ACH processing directly and immediately into your bank account saving an average of 20% in fees over your current bank.  We guarantee deposit on your schedule, from once daily to once weekly. [And yes, we are PCI DSS and SAS70 compliant]

Need more?

We provide real time, online access to all checks and deposits; so you are able to view individual checks at anytime from anywhere

Entering into your proprietary or third party database?

No problem, DA reconciles to your database just as we would to our own system. Should your outside List or Database Management Firm not handle Selects or Suppressions, DA would provide these to you, given we have authority from your Database Management Firm.

Accuracy and Speed an issue?

Needing and wishing you could capture the most minute demographic data from your response device?  At DirectAnswer, 99.9 % right is 100% wrong